Mycelium Support Number

Mycelium Support Number

Mycelium Support Phone Number +1【(888) 287-8389】: All Your Queries Will Be Answered

With the phenomenal growth of the cryptocurrencies in the recent years, there has also been a significant surge in cryptocurrency wallets. While there are several kinds of wallets in the market Mycelium is one such wallet that is available in 12 different languages. Despite that the users of Mycelium often face issues with their wallet and to resolve that users can contact the Mycelium Support Number.

Since each day new exchanges are being opened there are also new wallets that are coming into the market. Mycelium is not a new cryptocurrency wallet in the digital currency world, rather one of the oldest. Despite being the oldest wallet it is still plagued with quite a few problems that can be solved with the help of calling the Mycelium support number.

However, if you are interested in using the Mycelium wallet then it would be beneficial for you to know a bit more about this cryptocurrency wallet, the benefits it and the issues that the users face with Mycelium.

A Brief Intro of Mycelium

Mycelium project was initiated in 2013 under the name Bitcoin Spinner that was renamed as Mycelium in 2014. The Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet can be used in both Android and iOS phones. It also received the ‘Best Mobile App’ award in 2014 by

Benefits of Mycelium

As a cryptocurrency wallet Mycelium is an open source digital wallet and as one of the leading cryptocurrency wallets in the market, it has quite a few features that are beneficial for the users.

  • Has a strong status in the industry
  • Is an open source wallet hence can be downloaded from the web
  • Setting it up is easy with a PIN to shield the account
  • It integrates a wide range of services that include hardware wallets, TREXOR, and Ledger
  • Various account types are supported like HD (Hierarchical Deterministic), Bit ID (open protocol, Watch Only Accounts, Single Address Accounts, and for offline devices Hardware.
  • To bitcoin adjusted traders coin control feature is offered

However, Mycelium does not offer 2FA and multi-address features but they do offer Mycelium customer support number

Some Issues with Mycelium

Despite Mycelium being one of the leading open source cryptocurrency wallets in the digital currency market, it is still troubled by certain issues. Such problems often result in users being unable to work with Mycelium properly but users can resolve these issues by calling the Mycelium support phone number.

  • Seeling and purchasing of bitcoins are at times problematic
  • Resetting the password is often a concern for the user
  • Users often face issues with the transaction
  • There is often a delay in identity verification
  • There is often hindrance with the withdrawal of digital currency
  • Absence of two-factor authentication
  • Users cannot sign messages
  • It is only a mobile app, there is no desktop interface

Apart from these above points the experts of the industry also state that it is not one of the best cryptocurrency wallets for the beginners.

For the benefit of the Mycelium user, there is a Mycelium phone number +1【(888) 287-8389】 that can be accessed 24/7 so that any queries by the users can be answered and resolved immediately.

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