Hitbtc Support Phone Number

Hitbtc Support Number

HitBTC Support Number +1【(888) 287-8389】: Call 24/7 For Any Enquiry

HitBTC is one of the important players in the crypto currency market and if you are one of those who are or already have invested in HitBTC you might have some queries. To ensure that all your questions related to HitBTC are answered do contact the HitBTC Support Number: +1【(888) 287-8389】 With the increase in the trading of the cryptocurrency exchange at a steady pace, HitBTC exchange is one of the few cryptocurrency trading supporters the exchange. HitBT Allows its users to accumulate most of the cryptocurrency and trade with other crypto currencies. Hence as a trader in exchange you might stumble upon some hurdles or have some queries about exchange, to help you sort out any issues related to HitBTC there is a dedicated Hitbtc phone number.

HitBTC has been successful as a cryptocurrency exchange because of its invaluable customer support and providing security to its traders. So when did HitBTC start and how did it become one of the big players in the cryptocurrency exchange?

A Little History about HitBTC

In 2013 HitBIT platform was developed with 6 million USD Venture Capital investments. It was a collaborative venture between software developers, traders, and financial professionals. In the following year, i.e. February 2014 with the instruments BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, BTC/LTC USD/EUR HitBTC was officially launched.

In April of the same year, a Comprehensive Demo Trading was released by HitBTC. It is a particular trail trading feature that can assess the trading strategies and change the API settings if required. In May altcoin voting program was launched to enable the community to select the alternative crypto currencies that can be added to the market.

HitBTC was added in the teraexchange bitcoin Price Index in September of 2014.

These data reveal that HitBTC has become a significant name and player in the cryptocurrency exchange.

HitBIT as the Big Player

HitBIT was able to achieve its success for having a committed HitBTC support number that helps the traders with any queries along with these features:

  • Security: HitBTC has significantly a good security feature as an exchange platform. It engages with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) settings for the user.
    For both login and withdrawal, 2FA is required. Also, at the bottom of the page is the Recent Activity section that will notify you of someone trying to access your account.
    In the withdrawal, process verification is built in.
  • Guest Mode: To understand the market and check the latest data, trends, and chart you do not have to log in any longer. An extra convenience is provided to explore the markets effortlessly.
  • Market Maker Contracts: API trader can maximize their experience in trading with Market Maker Contracts, that also includes rebate bonuses and cash incentives. To know about this in detail you can contact the HitBTC customer support number.
  • HitBTC Price Widget: To view the trading pair current price on cryptocurrency from HitBTC and do other functions you can have HitBTC Price Widget.

Despite being a leader HitBTC is plagued by complaints and if you are one of them do contact HitBTC phone number +1【(888) 287-8389】 any time.

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