Armory Wallet Support Number

Armory Wallet Support Number

Armory Wallet Support Number +1【(888) 287-8389】 Is To Help You with Your Problems

Armory wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet and anyone who has heard about cold storage might have an idea of Armory. Prior to the launch of Armory cold storage was like a theoretical idea that did not have much of a real-world application. However, with the development of Armory that offers quite a few high-end securities have made it a hit among the digital wallet users. But the features offered by Armory have not resulted in users being fully satisfied with its service, as there are several issues. To resolve these issues users can contact Armory wallet support number.

As mentioned earlier Armory is one of the most sought-after cryptocurrency wallets in the market. It is in demand among the users because of its cold storage and multi-signature facility for the progressive digital currency community. Armory is also popular among the developers because of its open source etiquette. However, these facilities also pose quite a challenge for the users at times and to deal with the problems the user can always seek help from the Armory wallet support number.

In case you are new to Armory wallet or intend to use the cryptocurrency wallet do take time to know about its special features and the issues that often plague the users of Armory wallet.

Features of Armory Wallet

In 2012 the Armory project was launched and was crowd-funded & received $2,661. Being one of the most user-friendly bitcoin wallets with high-end security that has some special features like:

  • User can set-up multiple wallet addresses to keep personal bitcoin account from the business account
  • Bitcoin sending can also be password-protected by adding an extra security layer.
  • The wallet is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, Linux Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi.
  • Cold storage support so bitcoins can be managed without Internet
  • Open source wallet

Most common issues faced by users

Armory wallet despite being one of the most secured bitcoin wallets with a robust security feature in the market but it lacks two-factor authentication and that often is a concern for the users. Like these, there are other concerns and glitches that users often face with Armory wallet, such as:

  • New beginners find it difficult to use Armory for its security features
  • Armory wallet does not support mobile
  • Users at times face sign in issues
  • Often there is a delay in the user’s account verification
  • Reset and recovery of password
  • There are often problems with funds relocation
  • For both deposit and withdrawal users often face transnational issues
  • From time to time wallet up gradation is required but there is often trouble doing that.
  • Armory customer users often face issues with online assistance

There have also been complaints of harassment with transactions by many Armory wallet users, which includes the inability for the users to send and accept bitcoins and other altcoins increasing their risk of loss. To help the users to overcome such issues there is Armory wallet support phone number. A user can contact the Armory wallet phone number +1【(888) 287-8389】 and get the help anytime, anywhere by only providing the registered email id and phone number.

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